The term woman is usually reserved for an adult, with the term girl being the usual term for a female child or adolescent. The term woman is also sometimes used to identify a female human, regardless of age, as in phrases such as "women's rights". "Woman" may also refer to a person's gender identity. Women with typical genetic development are usually capable of giving birth from puberty until menopause. In the context of gender identity, transgender people who are biologically determined to be male and identify as women cannot give birth. Some intersex people who identify as women cannot give birth due to either sterility or inheriting one or more Y chromosomes. In extremely rare cases, people who have Swyer syndrome can give birth with medical assistance. Throughout history women have assumed or been assigned various social roles.


The spelling of woman in English has progressed over the past millennium from wīfmann to wīmmann to wumman, and finally, the modern spelling woman. In Old English, wīfmann meant "female human", whereas wēr meant "male human". Mann or monn had a gender-neutral meaning of "human", corresponding to Modern English "person" or "someone"; however, subsequent to the Norman Conquest, man began to be used more in reference to "male human", and by the late 13th century had begun to eclipse usage of the older term wēr. The medial labial consonants f and m in wīfmann coalesced into the modern form "woman", while the initial element, which meant "female", underwent semantic narrowing to the sense of a married woman ("wife"). It is a popular misconception that the term "woman" is etymologically connected with "womb", which is from a separate Old English word, wambe meaning "stomach" (of male or female; modern German retains the colloquial term "Wampe" from Middle High German for "potbelly"). Nevertheless, such a false derivation of "woman" has appeared in print.


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Israeli-Arab Arrested for Spying on Iron Dome System for Hamas

Hamodia 26 Feb 2021
Muhammed Abu-Adara, a 43-year-old Bedouin man living in Rechovot, was arrested recently on suspicion of working for a terrorist organization ... to an enemy organization.

Lytel named president of attorney association

Santa Barbara News-Press 26 Feb 2021
Lytel is the organization’s first female president appointed from the Central Coast and the sixth woman to serve in that capacity. “I’m honored and excited to lead this incredible organization,” Ms ... It has grown into the largest regional defense organization in the country ... ....

Column: Lunch ladies rescue the boomer vax

The Salem News 26 Feb 2021
a group of organized women. After all, it was a woman in Arlington, on maternity leave, who voluntarily created a website listing Massachusetts vaccine sites that offered available slots ... As I mentioned earlier, a group of organized women like our school lunch ladies could take charge of the state’s vaccination program.

Over 100 Countries Push to Loosen Rules on Vaccine Patents as US Blocks the Way

truthout 26 Feb 2021
Mustaqeem, very quickly — sorry, Mustaqeem, just very quickly, before we conclude, just earlier this month, the WTO appointed the first African and the first woman to head the organization ... I think, firstly, being a woman and being the first African to lead this organization, she ...

Golden Globes show should be fun, if nothing else

The Spokesman-Review 26 Feb 2021
And while both Fincher and Sorkin are nominated for Best Director, Zhao is part of history, she being one of three women Best Director nominees – the others being Regina King for “One Night in Miami” and Emerald Fennell for “Promising Young Woman.”.

Historic nomination of Deb Haaland for interior secretary spurs hope and apprehension in Alaska

Hastings Tribune 26 Feb 2021
A member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe, Haaland also would be the first Cabinet member of American Indian descent ... Ana Hoffman, co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives, the state's largest Native organization, said she's conflicted over Haaland. "As an Alaska Native woman, I feel a sense of pride and honor that's undeniable," Hoffman said ... Sen ... .

Aspiring pilot goes on TV, gets boost from Boeing

Greenwood Commonwealth 25 Feb 2021
Within the flight industry, there are fewer than 150 Black woman pilots, according to Sisters of the Skies, an organization that aims to encourage Black woman to pursue flying as a career by offering mentorships and scholarships ... pilot and the first Black woman pilot for the U.S.

Nominations Open for Women of Excellence Awards

Daily Advance 25 Feb 2021
One Woman of Excellence is chosen for each of the following categories ... Community Service goes to a woman who is changing neighborhoods or organizations by providing services that benefit women and/or girls ... Legacy Award goes to a woman who – throughout a long and successful career – has made advancing women a priority.

Why allyship means 'creating space' for the oppressed

Yahoo Daily News 25 Feb 2021
“Creating space” could look like suggesting an event organizer find a woman to speak in his place, Joseph says, rather than accept the offer ... “The challenge for Day 4 is to find an organization, or an individual, [working] to dismantle systems you benefit from,” Joseph continues.

Jenny Livelli | Children’s Guild Alliance

Maryland Daily Record 25 Feb 2021
... the first woman CEO in the $86-million organization’s 67-year history.

Black-led food, land justice groups: Land leads to self-determination

Detroit Metro Times 25 Feb 2021
The caller, a woman who resides in California, said she wanted to direct a sizeable portion of her inheritance to his organization, the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network ... Transferring wealth to groups like DBCFSN, which organizes community agriculture and food systems ...

Student shamed as ‘disrespectful’ for choosing ‘racist’ Candace Owens as ‘black trailblazer’ for project, now ...

Russia Today 25 Feb 2021
Students at St ... Julia Saville, a junior, chose Owens ... Also on ‘Stop this child abuse now!’ ... Please tell me how a black woman w/ an organization that focuses on helping black Americans in struggling sectors of society-how is she racist? You don’t have to agree w/ someone’s opinion to acknowledge that they’re a “trailblazer”.

Minnesota woman debunks conspiracies, promotes facts on viral Instagram account, CNN, the 'Daily Show'

Finger Lakes Times 25 Feb 2021
The QAnon conspiracies. The Electoral College confusion ... "Hello friends," she began with a big smile ... The fun one ... "Came for the government," one woman wrote, "stayed for the whales.". McMahon, 43, organizes her stories into topics including "impeachment," "conspiracies" and "U.S ... As a 10-year-old, she organized a cooking class for her younger sister ... .